z1-d plus videos from roboscooters and reviews

Here are some Videos and Operation of the z1-d plus from www.Roboscooters.com   

The z1-d plus segway is a very safe and sturdy personal transporter.  If you have never rode a segway transporter or balancing transporter please be aware that we have been riding for years, not everyone will be able to ride like this to begin with, but with a little practice I am not doing anything that anyone else cannot do.  If you can walk, and balance yourself, then you can learn to ride them, it’s just like riding a bike, once you know how, you have it.

How to Cut on and Off the z1-d plus and Button Operation


Going over a Few Details of the segway style z1-d plus


Here Below is a video of my 7 year old little girl cruising around on the segway style z1-d plus from roboscooters.com.  She’s 7 years old and about 60 lbs.  We also have a 5 year old little boy whos about 40 lbs who can ride it as well, he’s just barely heavy enough to push the sensors down to ride.  The z1-d plus is a very responsive and safe.


In this Next Video Below we have my 5 year old little boy and my 7 year old little girl riding shotgun with me on the segway style z1-d plus.  I am heavy enough to take over the sensors so their weight is combined with mine.  It’s very safe once you are comfortable enough to ride with them.  ( We do not recommend this kind of riding, it is for Demo purposes only )

Not Recommend…. For Demo Purposes ONLY


At Roboscooters we have many different types of electric scooters for sale for both kids and adults.  Come check around and see if we have something you might be interested in.  We have many segway style scooters  to choose from as well as other types of electric scooters for kids and adults for sale.

Below we have our 5 year old little boy riding who’s only 52.5 lbs


Below we have the segway style z1-d plus riding at night.  The z1-d plus personal electric transporter scooter has very bright led lights, Turn Signals and Brake lights, in addition to a lower center of gravity, 4000 watts of power, a smart remote, usa servos and motors and a full one year warranty from Roboscooters.

Z1-d Plus Night Riding


Customer Review of the z1-d plus, the working an operation of the remote.


For More information and to order visit the links below.  The cost of the z1-d plus is only $3100 with Free Shipping.  The z1-d pluses take about 2 weeks total to deliver and come with a 1 year usa warranty.  If you ever have any problems just contact us at the email below or give us a call.  We are always here Before, During and After your purchase should you ever need us for anything.  Compare the z1-d plus to a segway for sale today or the segway price.






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