Imoving Wheelchair Electric Scooter

Introducing the Imoving personal electric wheelchair scooter.  The imoving is a personal transporter with a price cost of only $2399.00 with free usa shipping.  The imoving electric scooter  is convertible or transformable from a trolly to an electric scooter.  The imoving personal wheelchair/ scooter is state of the art with all the bells and whistles.

Compare the imoving wheelchair scooter to the atto scooter and moving life scooter price cost today.  The imoving electric scooter is very well built and very reliable.

white imoving x1

The Imoving comes in Black, Red, White and Blue

red black and white inmoving 2

If your looking to buy an imoving electric scooter you have come to the right place.  Our imoving scooter is much cheaper than the name Brand Atto and moving life scooter.  The imoving price is only $2399 with free usa shipping.  Compare to atto and moving life today and see the difference in the price.

blue imoving scooter

foldable blue imoving


The imoving wheelchair scooter can be used as a personal electric wheelchair and easily folds up so you can pull it with ease.  The transporter has the latest in technology and makes uses of the top of the line quality material.

Imoving Electric wheelchair scooter Console

driving console for inmoving

Imoving Brushless gear for a very quite operation

inmoving inside

Maximum Safety for the Imoving Battery

inmoving battery

A very practical and comfortable seat for the imoving wheelchair electric scooter

seat for inmoving

red imoving scooter transformer

The Price or cost on the imoving wheelchair scooter is only $2399 with free usa shipping, all other countries will need to contact us before ordering so we can get an accurate quote on shipping.

For more information or to order visit the links below, we have several videos of the imoving personal transporter that will give you a little better idea of how the imoving wheelchair scooter functions and operates.

Compare the imoving wheelchair scooter to the Atto electric scooter price and moving life scooters cost,  Same scooter much much better price.

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