Better than a Segway? Robo OB-1 & OB-2 PT Click Here

Robo OB-2 Off Road Personal Electric Transporter

((( Demo Available for Testing )))

Better than a Segway? You Decide!

( Not Made by Segway ) 

The Robo OB-1 and Robo OB-2 are not Really Segway Alternatives according to the manufacturer.  They Claim to be better than a segway.  We cannot confirm or deny this Alligation as we have never owned a Segway, but felt it only fair to the Public to offer this Segway Type OB-2 Transporter that was designed by a company with 7 years of Experience in the Personal Electric Transportation Industry, and claims to have the most safest and state of the Art Segway Type Scooter Available on the Market Today.
We can attest from first hand experience the Dependability and Durability of the OB-2 as we now have a Demo for Customers to come out and Test Drive.  Contact us to arrange a Demo Session with the Robo OB-2 Personal Transporter, it is one of the most wonderfully Designed Personal Transporters on the Market, and we are willing to put our Reputation on the line for it as well as Demonstrate the Awesome Capabilities of the OB-2 to anyone who is seriously interested in the Cadillac of Personal Transporters.


Are they Really Better than a Segway?
23 miles on a charge
Battery good from 5 -10 years
Virtually Indestructable Fenders ( Police Shield Material )
Adjustable overall speed and speed limit set by remote
Built in Charger
Charges in 2 – 4hrs
5 Function Adjustable Headlamp
Lights on the front and Back to Indicate Transporter Function

Water Proof and Shock Proof

Blue Camo OB-1 ( Special Order Color ) ( Off Road Tires Added for $150.00 )
Segway PT Alternative
Green Camo OB -1 ( Special Order Color )  ( Off Road Tires added for $150.00
segway prices

Better than A Segway?

We have many styles and colors to choose from with the All New Segway Style Robo OB-1 and OB-2 Personal Electric Transporters.  If you are interested in more information and would like to see some videos and more specifications visit our site below or contact us to come out and Demo it.

 Red OB-1 Personal Electric Transportation Scooter

red segway style ob-2 pt

Red OB-1


Showing off the OB-1

 Robo OB-2

yellow segway style

Off Road OB-2 Segway Style

The Segway Style Robo OB-1 and OB-2 have built in Chargers, ( no need to keep up with chargers anymore ) a 5 function adjustable headlamp, and virtually indestructible fenders to match that are made out of Police Shield Grade Material.  The Remote control is mounted on the headlamp for ease of use. The remote can also program the maximum speed of the personal transporter up to 12.5 mph and shows other various functions of the transporter including battery percentage left.

The Lights on the Front and Back are fully operational and functional and work with the various functions of the OB Series Transporters and will even alarm if someone gets to close behind you.

No Expense has been spared in Designing the Robo OB-1 and OB-2 Personal Electric Transporters .  Although they are considered segway alternatives, the manufacturer clearly states that they are better than segways, and are in fact no Alternatives at all but a New Brand and Style of Personal Electric Transportation Scooters,….. this is of course a biassed opinion and not that of   

You can find more info on specs and see some fantastic videos on the site below:

segway style transporters

Better than A Segway?

OB-2 Pulling a Van


4 thoughts on “Better than a Segway? Robo OB-1 & OB-2 PT Click Here

    • Hi Millard Here, the manufacturer recommends no more than 350 lbs and we know for a fact the OB-2 can handle it. We have a friend who is almost 400 lbs who has ridden the Off road Segway Style Ob-2 that we use for demos. As far as the age limits of the transporters, we do know some states have rules for children on Regular Segways where they can’t legally ride them on tours until they are so old, but far as a child being able to ride the OB Series there are no limits, the only limits are set by the individual. We have many children as low as the age of 7 who weigh less than 50lbs handle the OB Series Transporter all the time with no problems. Here is a video of one of our Kids Madison ( she weights about 50 lbs ) riding around on the Off Road Ob-2 ( )

  1. Hola soy un empresario colombiano y necesito comprar cinco segway productos para una empresa de seguridad privada estas máquinas son para ser utilizadas en una planta embotelladora las 24 horas por lo cual se requiere modelos robustos para trabajo pesado . Cuánto me cuestan colocándolas en mi país y cómo sería el tema de garantía ????

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