How much do Segway and segways Style Electric Scooters cost

While we do not have any cheap electric scooters we do have many segway style Electric Transporters that work off the same principal as the more expensive segways for sale. The Segway Style Scooters we offer on are stand on, stand up electric scooters that work off of your balance and sophisticated computers to help you keep and maintain your balance on an elevated platform that moves forward and backward with the shifting of your weight.

Below we have our Ever Popular Z1-D Personal Electric Scooter

Our Stand on Electric Scooters are not Cheap Electric Scooters made to mimic the segway brand of personal transporters. Every electric scooter we offer at roboscooters has to meet the safety standards that every segway incorporates. Our Electric Scooters are not off brands of Segways for sale, our transporters have their own indepent Design and function patents that do not infringe on the segway brand in any way.

Video Below of the Z1-D in Action

A few of the personal electric scooters we offer on Roboscooters are even made to our specifications with imported motors and servo drives that are made in the USA and then Imported to china for final Assembly into our Line of units. You can find many cheap electric scooters on the internet and some may even imulate the ones we offer at Please do not be fooled into thinking you are getting a good deal, some segway style electric scooters on the internet are indeed knock offs of the more quality units we offer at Roboscooters

segway prices

Not Made by Segway

There are some cheap electric Scooters may have a cheaper price tag than some of our transporters at Roboscooters, but do not let that fool you, not all of the transporters out there offer the same safety systems that our personal electric scooters have that we offer. We are very particular about the companies we work with and if they do not meet the strict criteria that we require than we simply do not do business with them.

When you purchase an electric scooter from roboscooters you are not getting a cheap electric scooter or cheap electric transporter.  Our Electric Scooters all come with a one year warranty ( a USA Warranty at that ) and piece of mind knowing that you can call someone at customer service and reach them if any problems or situations should arise with your transporter, weather it be a Warranty Question or you simply need some guidance or someone to talk to before you make up your mind on which electric scooter is right for you.

We pride ourselves on Being Honest with our customers and will always do our best to give you the best service possible and help you decide which transporter may be the best suited for your needs.  Simply give us a call and if by some chance you get a recording please leave a message as we return all phone calls within 24 hrs. 



Mini Electric Scooters

Here at Roboscooters we offer more than just the Bigger segway alternatives.  We offer mini segway style electric scooters for half the price of some of the more expensive segways for sale on the market today.  We do not sell any used electric scooters or cheap electric scooters on roboscooters, all of our personal electric transporters are of the highest quality and go above and beyond when it comes to performance and safety.

We have Several Styles of Mini Segway Style Electric Scooters Available

( Inmotion SCV R1 Ex Below )

The Inmotion SCV is a mini Segway style electric scooter that weighs only 35 lbs, has built in carry handles, will travel up to 20 miles on a charge, and will run about 10 mph.

Video Below of how to Operate the Inmotion SCV

The Inmotion is a Very sexy and Sleek Personal Electric Scooter with many advanced operations and functions.  The Inmotion SCV is not only astetically pleasing it makes for perfect personal transportation for individuals with certain disabilities.  The Inmotion Personal Electric scooter is not for everybody,  the mini segway style Inmotion does require you to be able to step up and balance yourself.

When customers call and ask about the inmotion we are very upfront and honest about the sensativity of the inmotion and the Robin Series Transporters we offer ( See below for the robin m2 electric Scooter ).  The Inmotion is more sensative than the bigger segways for sale for the most part because the inmotion is only 35 lbs vs a segway which can weigh over 140 lbs.  So the Inmotion will require a little bit more practice to safely operate,  even for someone who had ridden a segway or segway type transporter before.

Always Get A Spotter the First Time you Ride a Mini Electric Scooter

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