Thinking of Buying A segway or Segway alternative Cheap?

Thinking of Buying a segway? Or Segway alternative?

What Exactly are segways and segway alternatives? So whats the difference between a segway and segway alternative? A segway and a segway alternative is a stand on personal transporter that works off of balance to keep you upright on a moving platform with wheels. When you lean forward sensors under the pedal sense your weight distribution and either go forward or backward depending on which way you lean your weight.

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Some segways and segway alternatives are harder to ride than others. The smaller segway type scooters that are much lighter tend to be more squirly and harder to learn. The lighter the transporter the larger the learning curve basically, and thats not to say they are that segways are hard to ride, but if you’ve never been on one it can be a bit of surprise to suddenly find out that the transporter goes in the direction your leaning, and if your not ready or used to it, they can throw you off with whats been dubbed as the segway shuffle ( Segway shuffle is when you get on it and go back and forth wildly tring to adjust your weight and the machine is copying your every move )

So whats the difference in a segway for sale and a segway alternative for sale? Pretty much the price difference and quality. Some segway alternatives are very cheaply made but look like the more quality ones on the outside, but it’s what’s inside that really counts. You can get some cheap cheap segway alternatives and have nothing but problems even if it does manage to continue to work after a period of time, or worse get one that doesn’t have the fire safety standards or one that won’t warn you when the battery is low and suddenly stops in mid ride! ( That could be nasty or even fatal )
So here in lies the problem with segway alternatives… how do you know your getting a good segway alternative?… well the best bet is to go with somone whos been in the business a long time and seen it all, and the best way to do this is to check around and ask questions and address your concerns. Piece of mind is sometimes worth a few extra dollars especially to know your getting what is promised to you.

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We at roboscooters sell segway alternatives but not just any segway alternative makes it to our site. In order for us to promote any segway alternative type scooter it has to meet special guidelines and be a proven machine with quality parts. We actually have several segway alternatives on our site that are made exclusively for us at and are actually used by several segway dealerships in place of their regular segways that they do their tours with.

A few of our Exclusive brands is the z1-d plus segway style off road personal transporter scooter, the zl-03ir City Version Electric scooter, the roadrunner mini segway alternative, and a few more pricer ob-1 and ob-2 personal transporter segway style scooters. The OB-1 Segway alternative and OB-2 are more higher quality top of the line transporters but they are around $4500 for the off road version and around $4300 for the OB-1 City Version. You can find them all on our site roboscooters, or by following the links, just click the links and check us out. If you have any questions or concerns were always here For our Customers Before, During and After their purchase. We believe at Roboscooters one customer is your best customer, so we try to go above and beyond to make buying a segway or segway alternative as painless and easy as possible.

We have been around over 5 years at roboscooters selling segway alternatives and personal transporters. We got into the business by accident looking for something for our brother who has cerebral pausie. Cerebral pausies comes in many different stages from one not being able to move their arms and legs and walk correctly to the severe cases where the person is bound to a wheel chair and unable to feed themselves properly. Our brother has the wheelchair and has to be fed and washed because of his conditions……we were hoping to find some type of stand up scooter that really stood you up so you could communicate face to face with people, needles to say we never found anything like that and when we did it is always in the testing stage and in thousands and thousands of dollars, which makes it pretty much might as well not exist, but thats the insights that got us into the business.

When we were looking we found some scooters no one had ever heard of, our first segway type scooter we promoted was the robin m1 personal transporter. No one had ever heard of it before, and it was brand new. So we marked up the price a little bit and put it on ebay to see what would happen, and low and behold they started to sell and sell well, and people were leaving really good feedback cause they liked it so much. We were selling a few here and there on ebay and thought hey, we should have our own to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about, so thats what we did, we got our first robin m1 almost 5 years ago and it’s still running as good as the day we bought it. The robin and several of our other transporters are really well put together and hard to tear up and we can speak from first hand experience.

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Before you buy any segway alternative it might be a good idea to contact someone who’s been in the industry a while like us at roboscooters.  With the price of segways these day and the cost of segway alternatives fluctuation, it’s really hard to tell what is what unless you speak with someone who can steer you in the right direction before you go and buy a segway for sale or segway alternative.  Even if we don’t earn your business we’d still like to help, we hate to see anyone taken for granted and it can happen really quick when it comes to these types of transporters.

Here is our site below as well as a few highlighted links in the post.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post, it’s not full of pics and advertising, we just wanted to help folks understand hopefully a little bit better than they did before they met us.

Z1-d Plus from Roboscooters ( Because whats inside really matters )