Segway Style z1-d vs Z1-d Plus

Standard z1-d vs z1-d plus

Many people want to know the difference between the standard z1-d from roboscooters and the z1-d plus.  We will try to explain the difference here in hopes of clearing up any confusion.

We promote the z1-d plus over the standard z1-d for many good reasons.  Keep reading on to find out the difference between the standard z1-d and the z1-d plus from roboscooters

 Segway Style z1-d PlusBlue z1-d side view


Standard Z1-d Below

Eat Your Heart Out Segway

Other than the Obvious Cosmetic Differences Here are the Main Differences Below between the z1-d and the z1-d plus.

The standard z1-d has 19 inch tires, the plus has 21 inch tires, the standard comes with a 3 piece lead acid battery ( they look like little lawnmower batteries ) and has 2000 watts of power,  the plus has 4000 watts of power, a lower center of gravity, heavier duty axles and  more durable fenders that won’t Crack or break, an for $300 extra on the plus you can install 2 batteries for even more travel time ( up to 40 miles ), The plus also comes with a smart remote and break lights that blink when you turn.  The z1-d plus comes with a 72v lithion ion Battery and is the safest on the market.

The z1-d plus is made exclusively for roboscooters out of better material that is going to last longer than some of the look alikes you might find on the internet.  The z1-d plus is really well made machine designed to have the least amount of maintenance possible and comes with roboscooters motto behind it. ( We are always Here Before, During and After your purchase )

Z1-d Plus


If you really want the standard z1-d we can get you one, but the price is $2299 plus $299 for the 72v lithion ion Battery, for a total of $2598.  We haven’t updated our prices on roboscooters because over the past few months or so we keep being promised our shipment will release customs ( unfortunately it may or may not ever ), so until it does and you want a standard z1-d the price is listed above, you have to email us at roboscooters and ask for the payment request.

For the money we recommend the plus over the standard as it’s just a better designed and better built machine that is easier to ride and has more power and bigger tires.

Feel free to call roboscooters any time with questions or concerns Before, During and/or After Your Purchase, as we never leave our customers.

For more information or to order you can visit the links below or click on the highlighted links in this post. 

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Below is a Good Video Done by a Great Customer of Ours


Save your money today and don’t buy a Segway.  You can Buy yourself 2 z1-d pluses for the price of the cost of a segway  2 z1-d pluses for $5900 with free shipping.  ( just email us for the payment request ) Take a look at the video above and see for yourself that the z1-d plus is exactly as we say it is and better.


About Delivery and What to Expect after ordering

After you order we generally get an email out to you within 24 hrs and ask that you reply back with your color choice and phone number for the shipper as well as verify your shipping address ( we will have your address once you pay )

Delivery usually takes around 2 weeks most of the time. You will receive 2 tracking numbers from roboscooters within 3 -5 Business days of ordering,  the tracking numbers will either be fedex or ups, ( we use both )  You will have to put your new transporter together, but the installation is really simply so don’t worry, it’s very very easy and we provide a step by step video that shows exactly what to do, from opening the box to installing the plug and play battery.

z1-d Plus


So if your Genuinely interested in a Segway and want more bang for your buck with a Electric Transporter scooter that operates just like a segway does off of Balance and has half the price, Then here are some links with more information.

Please feel free to call, email, or text with any questions or concerns you may have before, during or after your purchase,….we love answering questions and helping people save a ton of money on the cost of a segway at the same time.

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