Buy Your Electric Scooter from Roboscooters

We offer many different types of electric scooters on our website roboscooters, not only do we offer segway alternatives we offer stand on scooters, scooters for kids and adults, and handicapped scooters just to name a few.

z1-d plus Below


Roboscooters is located in a Small town in NC about 100 miles from the Famous Tourist attraction Myrtle Beach SC,…. our location is actually about 15 minutes from where they used to have the Famous Nascar Races in Rockingham NC

Although You can buy many different types of electric scooters and personal transporters on roboscooters we do not carry every kind of transporter that there is out there.  If there is a transporter that your interested in that you’ve found elsewhere and your really serious about buying it but you don’t want to deal with the chinese or don’t want to loose your money by wiring money to china to an untrusted source, or if you’d just rather deal with a local company who’s been in the business for over 5 years,  you can contact us at roboscooters and we can come to an arrangement where we have it safely expressed to you for a moderate price.

z1-d plus Personal Transporter

Blue z1-d side view

Some of our electric scooters are made exclusively for roboscooters to our specifications,  Scooters such at the z1-d plus electric scooter and the z1-03ir personal electric scooter just to name a couple, they are made just for roboscooters with good quality sturdy parts and the best safety systems available.


segway alternative

Our signature series transporters are designed to be hassle and worry free for many years of enjoyment.  If you ever purchase a transporter from us…. rest assured we offer the best customer service in the industry and go above and beyond to keep our customers happy and satisfied.  Once you become a customer we are always there Before, During and After your purchase.

For more information on our electric scooters visit our site below or click the links in this post.  If you have found a transporter somewhere and really want to purchase it and we do not offer it, just let us know with a quick phone call and email and we will get the ball going on getting you exactly what you want.  

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