What is a Segway and Personal Transporters for kids and adults

What is a Segway and Personal Electric Transporters?  This will be an informative post about segways and segway alternatives, what is a segway, how much do segways cost and how they operate.

Roadrunner Mini Segway Style Pt ( Weighs only 30 lbs )

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Some may find this information helpful when it comes to buying a segway or segway alternative, so If you have arrived here looking to find out how much does a segway cost, and want to know exactly what is what in the world of segways and segway alternatives, then you have come to the right place.

We here at roboscooters.com as of this post have been in the segway business for over 5 years now and counting.  We treat every customer of ours like family and always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy an satisfied. We never leave our customers… our moto is and has always been … We are always here, Before, During and After your purchase should you ever need us for anything or have any questions or concerns.

z1-d Plus Segway Alternative

Only $3100 ( 2 year USA Warranty on Motherboard and Motors )



So what is a segway exactly or segway alternative?  A segway is a stand up scooter that works off of balance basically.  To operate a segway or segway alternative you simply lean forward or backward depending on which way you want to go, and the sophisticated sensors under the pedals sense your weight distribution and activates the motors to go in the direction you are leaning based on your weight distribution.

A segway alternative works the same way but with cheaper parts most of the time.  Not all segway alternatives are the same even though some may look the same.  Just like with cars it’s what’s under the hood that you really wanna be concerned about.  There are some really really cheap segway alternatives out on the market that don’t have the expensive segway cost or segway price, but make no mistake, not all segway alternatives are the same.  Some segway alternatives do not have the safety systems or have passed the quality of inspections that they should be held to.

OB-2 Personal Segway Style Scooter

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All of our segway alternatives that we offer at roboscooters are of the highest quality.  Some of our segway alternatives are even made exclusively for us at www.roboscooters.com  which is a real thrill for us.

We actually have manufactures who make segway alternatives to our specifications with above and beyond safety systems, unlike some of the look a likes of ours out there.  Several of our branded segway style scooters come with usa motors and servos and all of the transporters we offer come with the safest and most up to date moterboards and batteries available today. We only use quality material in our transporters as we do not like problems or defects any more than anyone else.

So how much do segways cost? Well that depends, a real segway will cost you upwards of $5000 or $6000 and some of the fancier ones can go even higher than that….. and some of the batteries to replace them can go over a thousand dollars.  Talk about high prices! With the price of a segway being over $5000 just for a standard segway for sale, it’s no wonder there is a market for segway alternatives.

Roadrunner Segway Style PT is our Lightest and Least Expensive Transporter 



But please if your in the market for a segway for sale or looking to buy a segway or just curious about the segway price or if maybe you are considering a segway alternative that might be for sale and work just as good, then please take a look at our site roboscooters before you make a final decision and read some of the posts in this blog, it will save you a ton of time and money and possibly a lot of heartache if you get to know us and stay away from the really really cheap segway alternatives that may even look like some of ours.

The transporters we offer at roboscooters are all tested and retested before delivery to insure the best quality transporter and experience possible.  We have been around over 5 years now and know a thing or two about segways and segway alternative personal electric scooters.

Visit our site for more information on segways and segway alternatives.   I will personally post more information about segways to this site page in the near future.