Segway human transporter robin m1 from roboscooters

The segways for sale today Hold no Candle to the Advanced Feature of the Robin M1 personal human tranporter.  The Robin Robstep scooters come with many attachments including a golf caddy.  The Robins come with Bags and Led Attachments also.

The Robstep Human Transporter comes with a Remote so you can Remotely control it up to 10 meters away, and can even be controlled by a Smart phone or any adroid powered tablet or device.  The Robin is so strong that is has the capability of pulling a car.  See the Video here….   or visit any of the links in this page.

Interested in Purchasing Robin M1 Robstep Roboscooters for Resell? Or want one for yourself?  Check out the sites below for videos and specs for the Robin M1 human transporter and a Free Brochure.  Robin M1 Roboscotter Cost $2995.00 with Free Shipping anywhere in the USA.

We do ship the Robin Human Transporter World wide but Shipping may not be Free.  So please if you live anywhere besides the USA you will need to contact us first to get an accurate shipping quote for the Robin m1 Robstep  Human Transporter Roboscooter.

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