Segway style Electric Scooters for Kids and Adults

Many of our Electric Scooters we offer at Roboscooters are kid friendly and are perfect electric scooters for kids and certain adults with limited mobility.  Kids seem to learn how to ride our electric scooters faster and more efficient than the average adult.

We do demos all the time with the robin Transporters and kids seem to get it almost instantly where as adults tend to take a little more practice.

The robin m2 below is a perfect kids electric scooter for kids and does not operate like moped scooters for kids does.  The robin m2 is like a mini segway style scooter that works off of balance and gyroscopes to help  keep your balance on an elevated platform.

robin m2 for kids and adults

robin m2 for kids and adults

The robin m2 is a really dependable and durable little personal transporter and is very safe for kids.  We have had many kids ride our robins and they all love it and get it instantly almost, so to say they robin m2 is a good electric scooter for kids is an understatement.  The robin m2 is perfect for kids as well as adults, as they are very fun to operate and the charge lasts longer than the cheap electric scooters you find at walmart or other places.

mini segway style for kids

mini segway style for kids


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