Segways Cost and mini Segway Alternative Inmotion SCV R1 EX Cost Price

Segways for sale and Buying a New or Used Segway for sale with cheap prices

How much segways cost and the prices of segways will really rely on what type of electric transporter you are looking for or can afford. Some segways can cost you an arm and a leg to buy.  If you decide to buy one of the more nicer segways for sale then you are looking into spending allot of money, at least $5000 for the more expensive models of segways for sale is the going price.

Below we have one of our signature series segway alternative style Z1-D Personal Transporters.  The Z1-D Segway type Transporter cost half the price of the more expensive segways for sale and are just as Durable, Dependable and Safe.

Segway X2 Alternative Z1-D Personal Transporter

Segway Alternative

Not Made by Segway

CE, NQA, FCC, ROHS, & UL Certifications
 Strictly Follows the Standards of ISO9001 as well

If your Looking to buy a used Segway for sale cheap think again, you can get two of these segway style transporters for what one segway cost. ( Don’t Ride Alone )  Some used segways can end up costing you as much as a new Segway by the time you end up buying a battery for your used Segway.

The Z1-D segway alternative works just like the segway and comes with half the price of a new off road segway x2.  The Z1-D Transporter now also comes with a 3 speed remote control and Tow Function as well.

white segway style

White Robo Z1-D

For more Detailed Information on the Z1-D and to see a Video Visit our main site Below.  Feel Free to click around on our site and see if there is something there that might interest you if the Z1-d is not your style. 


Below we have a mini Segway alterative personal electric transporter called the inmotion scv r1.  The Inmotion scv r1 cost less than half the cost or price of a Segway for sale and is the newest and lightest personal transporter on the market available.   Read on to find out how to order an inmotion scv or to find out more information about the Mini Segway Alternative inmotion scv r1 ex .

( The Inmotion SCV R1 EX Below is not Made by Segway )

Inmotion SCV R1 EX

Here we have the worlds lightest mini segway style alternative personal electric transporter called the Inmotion SCV R1 EX.  The Inmotion SCV has cool led lights and a voice function and is the latest thing in personal transportation.  The Inmotion SCV was featured at a Festival out in Las Vegas and has been getting many great reviews by news crews and Visionaries.

The Inmotion SCV charges in 2-5 hrs, has a 20 pre-set smart remote control, Clear English speaking voice function, will go 12- 18 miles on a full charge and will reach a top speed of about 10 mph before the safety function gently pulls you back and slows you down to keep you from over speeding.

Turn Your Speakers us and Fall in Love all over again with the Inmotion SCV R1


The size of the personal transporter Inmotion R1 is 13.3 ” X 19.2″ X 56.6″ ( adjustable height )  and it weighs only 35 lbs 

For More Detailed information, more videos or to Order



What is a Segway

A Segway is a Stand on stand up personal electric transportation scooter that uses complicated computer controlled gyroscopes to help maintain your balance while you ride upright on two wheels. The Segway is truly a magnificent invention that has changed the way we think about future transportation.

The Segway was invented by a clever guy by the Name of Dean Kamen a few years ago. Dean Kamen was born in 1951 in Rockwell Centre in NY and is the Brains behind the Segway invention.  How Mr. Kamen came up with the name Segway is a mystery to us, but it has caught on and become a world famous product.

Segway has come a long was since it’s invention by Mr. Kamen. The Segway may be the Premier Product to own in the Personal Transportation Industry, but has had their setbacks through the years. Even the best of segways for sale can have their hickups, especially when a new technology is first developed.

Not to put down Segway but Segway has had a couple of recalls in the past few years. In one of the recalls the Segway would suddenly stop and reverse gears suddenly, causing the rider to fall off. The other recall was when the battery would die on the segways, the Segway would come to an unexpected hault causing the riders to fall off.

Both Incidents were dealt with very professional by the Segway corporation, even going so far as to offer free shipping on units that could not be fixed with an update. Segway really does look out for their customers, but what they won’t do is give you a free Battery or parts if your Segway needs parts or service and it’ not under warranty. Segway does not do Charity.

Used Segways & Segway Batteries

Used segways cost as little as a few thousand dollars but Before you go out and buy a used Segway for sale we encourage you to do some research on the Segway that you are looking into buying.

If you find a used Segway for sale cheap on the internet, my advise is to stay away from it. Batteries for segways can cost up to $2500.00. If you find a what appears to be a good used Segway for sale and it doesn’t have a warranty or a little warranty left, then when the times comes for new batteries it will be you who has to pay for the batteries and have someone to install it for you.

Just because a used Segway looks like a good deal doesn’t mean that is its a good deal. You have no idea what conditions the battery has been through, and just because the owner seems like he may be on the up and up and shooting you straight, keep in mind he wants to get rid of it, so naturally he will only tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

There are a host of Personal Transportation alternatives Available on the Market today that the Segway has inspired. The Segway Scooter Concept has spawned a whole new generation of personal electric Transporters to be Born with many different styles and designs.

The Inmotion SCV is the Most State of the Art Segway Alternative

inmotionscv r1 ex cost

The Inmotion SCV Has Cool Led Lights throughout it and a cool voice function

To see all the Accessories of the mini Segway alternative inmotion scv r1 to order or see come really cool videos,  visit our facebook page below or the official ordering site.

If you would like a free brochure please feel free to contact us directly.


Used Segways for Sale Vs New Segways for Sale Cost

A Brand new Segway for sale can cost you between $6500 up to $9000.00 or more, just depending on what you are looking for. Most segway x2’s sell Between $6500 and $7500, and you can find some of the other model segways a little cheaper.

A used segway can cost you several thousand dollars or more. A good used segway not some junk that’s been laying around collecting dust for a few years. ( Please do not buy these dust covered types of segway scooters if you find one for a few hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars, your only wasting your money )

Before you make up your mind to go out and buy a used segway please consider the cost of replacing the batteries for your unit. Check into how much a new battery for your unit will cost, because at some point your battery is going to eventually go bad, and unless you want an expensive toy laying around that doesn’t work you are going to have to buy new batteries for your used segway.

Personal Transportation Alternatives

There are plenty of Segway alternative personal transporters on the market today thanks to the segways inspiration. Segway should not be jealous or envious of the transportation industry that they have helped to spawn, but flattered that so many companies are attempting to mimic them.

It will be hard pressed for any company to match the service level that the Segway corporation has. When you buy a new segway for sale the segway corporation really looks out for you and makes sure you are satisfied and handles all warranties very professionally with minimal stress on your part.

There are upsides and down sides to owning a segway. Unfortunately the maintenance on a segway can get very expensive. If you need a battery for your segway in the future it is going to cost you a pretty penny. Segway is in the Business to make money just like any other company and will not give you a new Battery for your newely purchased used segway.  If your going to buy a Segway for sale at least buy a new segway with a warranty and not a used segway.

Segways For Sale? Used Segways? All New Electric Transporters For Sale

Hi and Welcome to our Personal Electric Transportation Blog. If you are a Segway fan who has reached this page in error we would like to apolojise as it is not our intent to mislead you.  Our goal is to show you that there are Segway alternative personal transporters on the market that do not cost nearly as much money as a Segway for sale.

New Mini Segway Style Alternative Personal Electric Transporter 

inmotion scv r1ex      ( Only $2499.00 )

If you are Interested in learning how you can save several thousand dollars on a personal transporter that looks just like a Segway, works the same way as the Segway does, and does not have the Segway cost or Segway prices,  then you have come to the right place.

If after finding out all this you are still interested in a Segway for sale, we have a site that may Interest you as well. >>>  <<<

((( Wholesale Prices Available on all our Transporters ))) 


Bot-9 Personal Electric Transporter

((( Video Below )))

The Bot-9 is not made by the Segway Corporation or affiliated with them in any way.  The Bot-9 works like a Segway does off of sensors and gyroscopes to help maintain your balance.

( Not Made by Segway )

The Bot-9 is the Hottest &  Newest Segway Style Personal Transporter Alternative to hit the Market without the segway cost or segway prices associated with Segways for Sale.

  The Bot-9 is only 51.8 lbs and easily fits into any type of Automobile or car Trunk.

mini segway style scooter

The Bot-9 is very stylish and unique with cool Led Lights

mini segway scooter

The Bot-9 is an all New Concept Personal Electric Transporter made out of Aluminum Allow and Dual Independent Batteries for a Double Backup Safety Stytem

bot-9 electric transporter

Inside the Bot-9

The Bot-9 Also has and Advance Energy Feedback System to Recycle Power

segway for sale

Energy Feedback System

((( Video Below of the Bot-9 Segway Alternative Cruising Around )))

( I’m waiting for you )

If you would like more information about the Bot-9 visit our site below



Inmotion SCV R1 EX

Here we have the latest mini segway alternative style transporter called the Inmotion SCV R1 EX.  The Inmotions SCV is not a Segway for sale and does not come with the segway cost or segway prices. The Inmotion SCV only weight around 31 lbs, will run about 10 mph and will travel a distance of  12- 18 miles on a single charge.

The Inmotion SCV is not only stylish and unique, the Inmotion SCV comes with a 20 pre-set remote control and has a clear voice function that reminds you of the Inmotion SCV’s functions. ( SEE VIDEO BELOW )



cheap segway 

The Above Image is not a Segway for sale, used segway for sale, or a cheap Segway for sale.  Segways have come a long way since there Invention by Mr. Kamen, and have inspired a host of Segway alternatives to pop up recently.  What are segways used for?  Segways are used mainly for leisure and getting around.   A Segway doesn’t really make the most realistic mobility device as you have to be able to actually step up without help and be able to help keep your balance with the sensors under the pedals of the Electric Scooter.

Learning to ride a Segway does take a little practice.  Some people learn to ride faster than others, that’s just the way life is.  Some get it almost instantly, where as others require a little more practice.

Learning to ride a Segway can be a very uplifting experience once you master it.  After you have learned to ride the personal transporter it’s the closest thing to vehicular mind control you can get, as you really do not have to think about what you want to do, it’s like walking…. you just do it.

If your looking into buying a New or Used Segway for Sale Cheap, you can pretty much forget that, as used segways usually sell for at least a few thousand dollars or more, and a New Segway X2 can set you back $6000.00 – $7500.00 or more.  New or used segways have never been cheap since their invention by Mr. Kamen.

Want to buy a Used Segway? In case you are not aware, used segway batteries can cost up to $2500.00.  By the time you buy a used segway for sale and then put new batteries in your used segway you will of been better off to of bought a New segway for sale to begin with.

When you add up the cost of a used segway and then factor in the cost of New Batteries, you can begin to see how it can add up to just about the cost of a New segway for sale, and that’s if the used segway doesn’t have anything else wrong with it.  You could potentially end up with more money in a used segway than if you had went out and purchased a new segway for sale.

So if you are thinking about buying a segway for sale or are looking into maybe getting a used segway for sale cheap, please reconsider unless you are prepared to spend more money on batteries or some other expensive component of the segways.   If you absolutely insist on buying a used segway for sale, then at least make sure that it is still under warranty and or has new Batteries.

We have many Segway alternatives on our site where we have Brand New Electric Transporter alternatives without the Segway cost or Segway price.  We have many different styles Segway alternatives to choose from that are just as dependable and durable as the Segway,  without the expensive cost or price.

We have a mini Segway type scooter called the robin m1 robstep that weights only 40 lbs and is the most durable and dependable little machines we have ever seen. We have several Robin m1 Robstep Transporters we use for our own personal use, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have about them.

Robin M1 Robstep Pictures & Video Below

We welcome you to come out and try the robin m1 and see if it’s right for you, as We offer Personal Demonstrations and will be happy to show it to you.  ( See our Contact Information Below )

Robin M1 Robstep Cruising IN and OUT of the Ocean Video

( Not Recommended by MFG )



Below we have the Newest State of the Art personal Transporter available on the Market Today.  And at a Price that is unbelievable. ( $2199.00  FREE USA Shipping )

Introducting the All New Ecko Wheel Electric Personal Transporter with seat. 

((( Wholesale Prices Available after Sample Purchase )))

Ecko Wheel Personal Electric Transporter

Ecko Wheel Personal Electric Transporter Scooter Chariot

The Ecko wheel is only 57 lbs, runs up to 15 mph,  and will go up to 19 miles on a full charge.  The ecko wheel uses lithion ion batteries, has a compartment under the seat to store your personal belongings and cool led lights that light up when you turn it on. 

The Ecko Wheel Manufacturers have used all new Technology and has placed the sensors under the seat that sense your center of gravity.  The Ecko wheel does have a learning curve.  You have to learn to ride it just like riding a bicycle.  Once you learn to ride the Ecko wheel simply sit, lean forward and go.

To Order or for more information and specs visit   as well as our blog  ( All the Specifications and videos are there for your viewing pleasure )

We do offer wholesale prices for lots of 10 or more Units of Ecko Wheels.

Ecko Wheel Electric Scooter personal Transporters

Ecko Wheel Electric Scooter personal Transporters

Ecko Wheel Youtube Video


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Segway X2 Price Vs Segway Alternative Z1 Personal Transporter Cost

Updated and upgraded version of the Segway Style Z1 Personal Transporter


Here we have the Z1-D Personal Electric Transporter.   The Z1-D Stand on scooter is an upgrade from the Z1 Transporter.  The Z1-D has adjustable handlebars where as the z1 did not.  The z1 is also made out of a lighter weight material with the same watts but more amps with a stronger battery, which means even more get up and go juice.

The Z1-D also has a Remote control Function as well now with 3 different speeds and a Towing function.  Please note that the towing function will not and does not work like the robin m1 robstep that we offer with the Blue Tooth Function.  ( The towing function is that it will only go forward, no left or right )

If you are interested in more information or would like to order you can visit our main website by clicking above in the remote control box picture above or visit:


Looks like a Segway for sale, Works like a Segway, but the z1-d is not a segway for sale.  The z1-D personal transporter is a good alternative to cost of a Segway for sale.  The Z1-D is not Affiliated in any way shape or form with the Segway Brand.

For more Detailed information about the Z1-D Personal Transporter visit  



Sexy Z1 Off Road Personal Transporter Below

Sexy Z1 Personal Transporter

Sexy Z1 Personal Transporter

We have seen the Segway x2 sell for as much as $7500.00 on Amazon. The cheapest we have seen the Segway x2 sell for is about $6000.00, which is just obserd.  Why do segways cost so much? Why is the Segway price and cost so high?  Because until recently they had no real competition and could charge what they want, and you pay, it’s that simple.

Segways have been over charging for stand on personal transporters for many years and been getting over on the average person because they just aren’t aware that there are really good Segway alternatives out there.

Why pay double for a personal transporter when you can get one that is just as good for less than half the cost?  Yes we know there will be people who say our transporters are cheap knock off’s, but in reality nothing further could be from the truth.  The Segway alternatives we offer work the same way and are made out of pretty much the same stuff that a regular Segway is made out of.  ( When you buy a Segway your just buying the name )

Our goal is to help you save money on your personal transportation needs.

See Videos of our Personal Transporters at:  

The Z1 Segway for sale alternative personal transporter price is only $3100.00 with free shipping anywhere in the usa.  The Segway Style Z1 personal transporter is an excellent alternative to the Segway x2 off road personal transporter without the Segway cost or Segway price.

Z1 Personal Transporter

You can buy two of our z1 personal transporters for what you can buy one Segway x2 off road personal transporter for.  Use your z1 stand on scooter for all your hunting and fishing needs.

Don’t buy somebody’s used Segway for sale, when you can get a brand new Segway alternative electric personal transporter for half the price of a brand new segway for sale. ( Don’t buy someone else’s used Segway problems, you never know what you may get )

If you are lucky enough to find a used Segway for sale cheap, then keep in mind the total price you will have in a used Segway if you have to have to buy a battery for the used Segway.   A new Segway battery can cost you up to $2500.00.  There are no Guarantees if you buy a used Segway for sale cheap on the Battery.  It is better to go ahead and buy a new Segway for sale than it is to buy a used Segway for sale.  If for no other reason than the cost of the batteries.

For more information and Videos on our Segway alternative personal transporters check out our site   where we offer several different types of Segway alternatives for sale without the Segway cost or Segway price that goes with them.


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Segway for sale alternative Z1 personal transporter video Below

Video Below pic of the All New Segway Alternative Outdoor Personal Tranporter

We would like to introduce the All New Segway for sale alternative  Z1 personal transporter.  The Z1 personal transporter is a very sexy and stylish Segway style alternative transporter without the Segway cost or Segway price.

Sexy Z1 Personal Transporter

Sexy Z1 Personal Transporter

Where can you buy a Segway?  You can buy a Segway for sale just about anywhere these days.  We have seen the Segway x2 sell for several different amounts, from  $5000.00 – $7500.00 for a Segway x2.  The cheapest we have seen a Segway x2 sell for was on ebay and still the price was almost $4000.00 ( and that was for a used one. )

The Z1 Personal Transporter Stand on Scooter cost – price is only $3100.00 with free shipping within the usa.  We do ship to other countries but there may be a shipping charge as well as an import charge. Please contact us if you live outside the usa about shipping before ordering.

This personal tranporter is not a cheap knock off of the Segway for sale, but more of a good dependable alternative to the expensive Segways for sale on the market.  For far too long now the segways have gotten away with charging an obscene amount of money for a Segway due to a lack of real competition.

You can order directly from this site and see more pictures as well:

Turn your speakers up and enjoy the video

Specifications for the Z1 Segway alternative

Packaging Size: 35″ X  21.6″ X  27.1″ Packaging Weight: 80kg or 176 lbs
Net Weight – weight of Transporter
50 kg or about 110lbs
Overall Dimensions
52*83*122cm or 20.4″ deep  X 32″ wide X 48″ tall
Max cruise speed
20km/h or 12.5 MPH
Max load
120 kg or 264 lbs
Max. Mileage (after full charging)
30-35 km or 18.6 – 21 miles
Max climb capability
25 degree
Min turning radius
Charging time
PB, 36V, 36Ah
brush DC Motor
100 v-240 v
2000 watts (2*1000w/pc)
Lifetime of battery
1-3 years
19*7-8 Tubeless Off-road Tire
Wheel diameter
48CM or 18.9 “
Pedal Size
340*430*125mm or 13.3″ X 17.3″ X 4.9″
Standard Pressure
250 kpa

Please allow up to 30 days to deliver.  The Z1 Transporter usually ships out within 2 weeks and can take up to 30 day to be delivered.  Once you receive your tracking number for the personal transporter they are usually delivered within just a few days by Air Express.


SKYPE ID:  robinm1scooters

To order visit: