Hb-15 Segway Style Electric Personal Transporter, Airwheel A3, and z1-d plus

Standard z1-d personal electric transporter

The price is only $2598.00  w 72 v lithion ion battery


Segway Alternative



Introducing the z1-d plus Exclusively from Roboscooters.com

We have Many Many References Available Including Several Segway Dealerships

The z1-d plus is made Specifically for roboscooters.com to our specifications to meet and exceed USA standards. We have our own signature transporter that is made in china to our Standards to keep customers happy and satisfied and problem free.  This came about as a result of the segway international trade dispute we were found to be in non violation of. We were accused of patent violation some time ago only to be found innocent of any wrong doings.


The z1-d plus is only $3099 if purchased directly from the site below.  You can save a hundred dollars by calling or emailing us for the payment request.  These are nice transporters that work off of balance just like a regular expensive segway does, and works just as well without the expense of a segway.


We are very efficient and knowledgeable about these transporters and can trouble shoot and answer any questions you may have about them, as we have had many in our possession of the last few years.

For more information or to order visit out site or call or email for further information.




* Many Many References Available Including Individuals and Segway Dealerships *

1-910-373-3017 ( Call or Email )


Introducing the Airwheel A3

We now have a limited supply of stock in the usa

Limited time only Price $1799.00


The Airwheel A3 works by leaning forward to go forward and then turning the steering shaft to go left and right.  The a3 is a revolutionary vertical transporter so to speak as you can straddle it, sit down and go.

The Airwheel can be used as a vertical wheelchair for those who certain disabilities but is not a substitue for a wheelchair as you still have to be able to lean forward to go and slow down.   The airwheel A3 works much like a segway does off of balance except you sit down on and balance on this one.

The USA stock is limited so if you want one I’d go ahead and get it before the few we have are gone.  For ordering info see below.

A3-02 (2).jpg

The price on the A3 is only $1799.00.  Keep in mind The USA stock is very very limited.  For ordering info or more details visit the link below or contact us below by email or by phone.  If no answer please leave a message.





HB-15 Segway Style Personal Electric Transporter

$1499.00 with Free USA Shipping 

( Limited Supply )

The HB-15 Personal Transporter works just like a ninebot segway does off of balance and cost half as much.  Lean forward to go forward and back to go back, lean and steer just like the regular segways just without the price.

The Hb-15 personal electric transporter is in a very limited Supply.  As of this post we only have 10 in stock ( 4-1-2016).

The HB-15 has a LCD Screen to show various operations of the transporter such as speed and battery life.  The tires of the HB-15 are 15 inch pneumatic tires that will last the life of the transporter.  The whole transporter weighs less than 52 lbs and can easily be transported from one location to another. ( Comes with a Quick Release handle for easy steering shaft removal )


Only $1499.99 

Free USA Shipping and UPS Tracking number within 48 hrs

When you are ready to order simply send us an email to info@roboscooters.com and we will get a payment request out to you from our processor.  We provide a ups tracking number usually within 24 hrs but not later than 48 depending on when you order.

We have more information here on our site where you can find all kinds of other transporters and helpful links and info about Segway, Ninebot and Roboscooters.




hb-15 pic white

Once you have completed the payment process please send us a copy to info@roboscooters.com  Once we confirm your payment we will send a follow up email and ask you to confirm your address and color choice, …. Please keep in mind we only have black and white and they are in limited supply.




Segway Ninbot Style Personal Electric Transporters

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