Segway cost segway price vs Robin M1 cost Robin M1 price

DO NOT Buy a New or used Segway Until you have visited our sites below   

Segway Style ( NON Segway Style Triton Z1 Personal Transporter Here

Click Here for our Segway I2 Alternative

Click Here for our Sexy Segway x2 alternative Personal Transporter & Video

z1 segway style personal transporter

Sexy Z1 Personal Transporter

If you would like a Demonstration of the Segway Style Robin m1 Personal Transporter Please see the details below.   If you find a legitimate price cheaper than ours for the Robin m1 Personal Transporter we will either match there price or beat it. ( Contact us with the details ) 


robin m1

How much do segways cost?  Segway cost vary from two thousand dollars up to six or eight thousand dollars and more.  We do not have any Segways For Sale but we do have a Segway Style Human Transporters. Our Smallest Personal Transporter is called The Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter, or Robin m1 for short.

Weather your looking for our smallest portable electric stand on transporter the robin m1 or our All New Sexy Off Road Z1 Personal Transporter you have found the right place. We own personal transporters ourselves and can usually answer any questions you may have. With that being said,  if you’d rather purchase from someone who actually owns personal transporters who has lots of experience an good references, ( including a qvc millionaire, segway dealerships and Ebay ) then you have found the right people.

We offer many Types of Segway Style Personal Transporters for sale on our main site, >>> <<<, so before you go and purchase a new or used Segway for an outrageous price, at least take the time to see what we have to offer.  Our Segway style personal transporters are made out of the same material that the expensive segways for sale are made of and are just as reliable and dependable as a Segway for sale.

When you purchase a New or used Segway you are purchasing the name.  Segways have gone for years unchecked with there prices.  So why do segways cost so much?  It’s pretty simple…… lack of competition and because they can.

Up until recently about the only type of Self Balancing scooter you could find was a Segway for sale, but that’s all about to change for the better. 

There are many Segway alternatives on the market today showing up and not everybody knows they exist, which is where we come in.  We offer many different styles and types of Segway alternatives on our site   We have an Segway i2 type pt transporter as well as an Segway off road x2 alternative for sale.  So before you jump off and buy a new or used Segway for sale, take a look at our site and see if there is something we have you may be interested in. ((( save yourself literally thousands of dollars )))

Robin M1 Robstep Personal Electric Transporter Scooter ONLY $2699.00

If your looking For a Smarter,  More Advanced Segway Style Personal Transporter without getting scammed out of your hard earned money, then you have come to the right place as we have exactly what you need.

robin at a factory

We know from first hand experience how rugged and dependable the Segway Style Robin m1 really is.  If we could describe the robin in a few words it would be, tough, dependable, reliable and convienient, were not taking anything away from the segways, they have earned there keep, we want to show there is another alternative to an expensive segway price or segway cost called the Robin M1 robstep personal Transporter.

Click here to order the robin m1 >>> <<<  

When we got our first Robin m1 we let our little girl loose with it after a few minutes as she appeared to have it mastered. The first thing she did is crash it at almost full speed into a curve at the Verizon wireless place in our hometown, we just knew she had tore it up, but low and behold all we had to do was cut it off and on and it was ready to go again, ( her knees healed nicely by the way ) Since owning our robin we have purchased a few more for the rest of the family as we simply love them, we think there the best thing since sliced bread.


There have been many occassions while we have been riding our robins that we spin out or hit a big pot hole and loose control, instead of throwing you off as we have seen some segways do in crashes, when you loose control of the robin in uncertain terrain, most of the time we simply hop off and pull up on the robin ( it is so light we can just lift it up to let the wheels do there spinning thing)

To reset the robin we turn it off and on and there always ready to go again without a hitch, and let me tell you, a 6 year old and a 3 year old can really test one. ( yes we have both our children a robin as well as our own, that way we can travel as a family, we just have to supervise the little one a little closer than the 6 year old )

The robin is even waterproof, it is the second video at the top of our main site which is the same as  there is a chinese guy who’s actually riding in and out of ocean with his robin, theres even a video of the mini segway style personal transporter pulling a small vehicle to demonstrate the power of the Human Transporter Robin M1.

The robin m1 has two powerful 1300 watt motors and an advanced energy feedback system ” each time you are going down hill the robin will recycle energy back into the battery for increased driving range “

Have we driven ours in the ocean? No way!  Have we tried to pull a car with ours?  No sir,…….. but,…….. we have videos of the robin performing these stunts, Our motto is just because something can do something doesn’t mean you should do it, and we paid to much for ours to take that chance even if they are supposed to do it.

Segway Sytle NON Segway Alternative Triton Z1 Click Here >>> Segway Alternatives <<<

 Segway i2 typle Alternative Click Here  >>> Segway i2 style Alternative <<<

Click Here for our Sexy Segway x2 alternative Personal Transporter

The stunts performed with the robin in the ocean and pulling a car are meant to demonstrate the durability of the robin and are not recommended by the manufacturer, that fact that the robin can be engulfed in several ocean waves and still keep going is a testiment to there durability even if the robin quit working after the video was shot.

The segways for sale style robin m1 personal transporter is Only $2699.00 with Free Shipping anywhere in the USA.  If you are ready to buy your robin now we have put a couple of paypal links here that you can purchase through or you can go to one of our other sites and order.  If your still skeptical and would like to speak to someone first, then by all means pick up the phone and call us, were only a phone call away and can answer all your questions.

You can safely buy your new Robin M1 Human Transporter Scooter Through the paypal links in this post or any of our other sites.  You do not have to have a paypal account to use paypal, you can use your Credit Card or Debit Card Safely without any worries as paypal is very safe and secure.


Click Here for our Amazon Reviews ….. >>>   Roboscooters Amazon Review   <<<

(  we do sell on ebay but charge more due to ebay fees )

Want to Purchase Safely through paypal>>>>  Click Here To Buy It Now or contact us at one of the emails below and we will send you a payment request invoice from Paypal for $2995.00  ( FREE Shipping anywhere in the USA )

((( Your Tracking number could take anywhere from 3 -5 days to receive Because of customs Declarations, under special circumstances we may be able to get you your Robin M1 a little quicker, so please contact us for details if you need your robin quicker )))

After your tracking number is provided your robin will usually arrive at the destination in a few days, usually 3 -5 days by dhl express, to keep you from worrying about where your purchase is or tracking number,  All robins are usually delivered within 10 business days of purchase,  it just takes 3 – 5 business days to get a tracking number as well to deliver, so please do not worry about your purchase, feel free to contact us anytime as we pride ourselves on customer service.

Click Here to see our Ebay feedback scores: ((( Ebay Feedback )))

For More information Feel Free to Email us at the addresses Below:

Below are Some links to our youtube videos and youtube video Home Page.  There you will find even more helpful information and see lots of videos of The Robin M1 Human Transporter In Action.

Save yourself the segway cost and segway price and get the affordable Robin M1 personal Transporter for a third to half the price of a segway for sale.  The Robin m1 price vs the segways for sale price is really astonishing when you really compare the two.

The robin M1 robstep is more advance than a segway, more portable, just as dependable, rugged, reliable and durable ( if not more than a segway ) and with an optional seat the robin is sure to be the next big thing, the robins also have many optional accessories like a Golf Caddy and Saddlebags.  Contact us for a free Brochure.

We do not have any pictures of the Robin m1 seat because the manufacturer is redesigining them to be stronger and more comfortable.  You can see a picture of the old seat on our main sites.

robin and golf cart


If you would like a Demonstration of the robin m1 we will be glad to meet you at OUR nearest major airport. ( trip expenses are you responsibility ) Either the Charlotte, NC Airport or the Fayetteville, NC airport for a flat fee of $250.00, the $250 will be for a half day demonstration with the robin as well as our personal expenses for the trip.


If you live under 500 miles from zip code 28351 we can discuss a fee for us to either bring the robin to you for show or you can meet us half way for a smaller fee, or you can come to us and see it for yourself

 ( 1-800-708-4751  or  )

** Our Guarantee:  If you find a legitimate price cheaper than ours we will match or beat there price, contact us with the details. **


SKYPE ID: robinm1scooters

NON Segway Sytle Alternative Triton Z1 Click Here >>> Segway Alternatives <<<

Segway i2 typle Alternative Click Here  >>> Segway i2 style Alternative <<<

Click Here for our Sexy Segway x2 Alternative Personal Transporter

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  1. When it comes to a segway cost and segway price vs robin m1 robstep cost, robin m1 robstep price, the robin m1 personal transporter price cost is allot more attractive than a segway for sale

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